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I have completed my migration to Tumblr. I only use this to post updates to communities. I'm sorry.

This is to let my flist know, though, that I'm joining semebay's party of writers to watch us write in googleDocs. The link to my main doc/the one for my 'The Baffled King and The Idiot Hero' sequel is here.

Talk to me if you come in please! :D

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Hi guys I haven't posted in here in forever

I have almost fully migrated to tumblr. It's a terrible predicament, but whatever.

What I was posting here to say is that I have been in the process of drawing a card deck for the Hetalia cardverse for the past week or so! They're reversable and everything! I have all but the Aces drawn (because I'm making them up), and I just ordered some actual playing card paper to print them on, and I would love to sell them because they're cool and stuff... but, would I have any buyers? That is the question.

The face cards look like this:
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The back would just be a premade blue typical card back. I think the faces give you a good clue, but here's the jokers as well, without the cut so I can *pull you in*:

Anyway, they'd probably run for $7-9 + shipping, depending on how much grief the printing gives me. (I'm not ripping you off: the paper goes about $6.50 a pack). I haven't yet done it, of course, but hopefully I'll have a sample deck by this weekend! Is there... any interest from you guys?

Crashes/Throws My Spirit

hahahha I will forever forget to update this part of my hs!au



It was late at night when Alfred shrieked and almost jumped out of his skin at a rock hitting his window.

He fell off his bed and crashed onto a pile of textbooks painfully, Xbox controller ripping out of the machine, then scrambled up and peered over his bed as the second one hit. Carefully, he crawled around his bed, watching the video for a monster’s face or worse, the video game’s soundtrack not helping as his character, suddenly motionless, was pounced on by the living dead. He looked over his windowsill; nothing on the roof. He stood up a little to see the ground a story below and found Arthur standing there, arms crossed and foot tapping.

Al’s fear vanished, replaced with a grin as he opened his window. He leaned out, bracing his hands on the roof, and called quietly, “Heya, Art! What’s up?”

“Don’t yell, you’ll wake everyone,” Arthur snapped. “Let me in.”

Al laughed quietly. “Sure thing.” He left his window and turned off his Xbox, creeping down the edge of the stairs and padding through the kitchen to the back door, sliding the dead bolt to let a scowling Arthur in.

Al had seen these signs before and knew that Arthur had gotten in another stupid fight with his mother or father or one of his brothers and left. He’d steal one of his dad’s collection of beers –

“Why doesn’t your dad buy imports?”

-dig through his fruit basket for a banana-

“Your mum always buys them half green, for the love of Christ-”

-and then grumble to himself all the way up to Al’s room.

They flopped down on his messy double bed together, Arthur sitting at the foot of it so he could eat and drink without spilling, Al stretched out across the rest. He let him grumble and eat his snack in peace. When he twisted open the Newcastle with his palm and started to chug, though, he propped himself on one hand and raised his eyebrows at him. “So… you wanna talk about it?”

“Not in particular.” Which meant yes, after prodding in Arthurspeak.

Al sighed and stood up slowly, moving to his pile of clothes to find sort-of clean pajamas for Arthur, who was still in jeans. “Really now.” Arthur accepted the XXL shirt and basketball shorts, setting his half-finished beer on the floor as he changed.

“Well, if you really want to hear about it…”

“You’ tell me at some point anyway,” Al said with a shit-eating grin. Arthur scowled at him and stood up to change pants.

He finished changing and crashed face-down on the bed, groaning into the pillow. “Life sucks.” Al reached over and patted his head awkwardly.

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” Arthur groaned again and rolled over, then sat up and reached for his beet again.

“The day I convince then I’m not a fucking layabout is the day that I die,”  he said, and Al understood at last. He’d been at the receiving end of enough rants about how Arthur’s parents believed that because his brothers were the deadest deadbeats to ever deadbeat that Arthur was headed the same way, even though if they bothered to ask his friends they’d know it was the exact opposite. Either way, it resulted in lots of shouting and lots of Arthur storming out and crashing with Al, who lived the closest of their friends, being just down the street. Al’s parents didn’t mind as long as they didn’t get woken up by his arrival.

Al grinned at him. “You just gotta prove ‘em wrong and not give ‘em any of your money when they’re old!” Arthur tried to smile back, but it didn’t really work. Instead, he drained his beer and threw the bottle under Al’s bed and set the peel on his nightstand to rot, then flopped back face first on Al’s other pillow. Al rolled his eyes affectionately and squirmed under the covers, stretching over to turn off the lamp.

“G’night, Arthur,” he said softly. A grunt from the other side, then silence.

When he was about to nod off, he was jerked awake by an even smaller “Thank you.” He smiled in the dark.

“Sure thing, buddy.”

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Hallelujah 30 - END

It's finally finished



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{A/N: Okay, this is gonna be a doozie. I have many things to say.

Let’s start with thank you. Yes, this is to you, lurker in the corner who has never said a word to me and tells all your friends to read this anyway. I know you’re there. You make me happy to be here and to be a fanfic writer, no lie. (Also to you, people who review, whether it’s just once anonymously or every chapter. You make it worth it, too.)

Now that’s out of the way. This is the end of this leg in the story. However, this is not the end of this universe - not by a long shot. I’ve kind of hinted at a sequel that would be weirdly formatted, but I’m going to use this opportunity to explain it better.

It’s going to be a blog.

Yeah, I’m going to abuse another form of communication. What’s going to happen is I’m going to have mostly Arthur with cameos from Alfred and Toris run a semi-daily updating LJ community thing for their trip. It will start in two weeks, roundabout July 11. The community is were_awesome. Go watch it if you care, but don't join it. I will passive-aggressively delete your request.

So that will hopefully continue for the next year. After that, I’ll either continue the universe with a one-shot series of things of their futures (and ‘their’ includes more than Alfred and Arthur, btw) if I’m not burned out, or just have a giant ‘Where are they now?’ post. Because I do know. I know too much about this universe, to be honest. (IF AT ANY TIME YOU WANT TO KNOW COME TO MY TUMBLR ASK BOX MKAY)

Thank you guys again. I don’t know how y’all have sat through this whole tangled mess with me, but I’m glad you did. It made everything worth it.

Cheers, loves.

~ Caroline}